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Alcasagar offers telecom services and innovative solutions adding value to our clients through technology.

Some companies sell voip

Alcasagar offers confidence through high quality services.


Competitive pricing, high quality terminations (CLI).


SMS Solutions according to your needs.

Customer Service

Quick response to your problems. NOC 24/7 monitoring our network infrastructure.


The Best International Wholesale Carrier hosted in Miami, Florida.

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Traffic Monitoring

We believe in versatility, which means our monitoring systems are powered with artificial intelligence technology in order to increase the quality of our routes. Finaly the confidence you’ve been craving is here.


Commited With Our Clients

Alcasagar is a growing company with a global network platform, that provide our clients a broad coverage around the world. We develop customizable offers for each need of your business. ┬┐Do you have a specific project? We have a solution for you, with high quality standards and a good profitability.

An International Wholesale Carrier

High-quality, High-functionality Global Services for International Telecommunication Businesses

Customer Service

A qualified management team with technical expertise is available to attend your requests.


Long Distance voice terminations, Premium Routes, Direct Termination, A-Z Coverage, Real Time Monitoring.


A-Z Coverage, SMS (Two Way), Message Concatenation, Rest API, Encoding, Anti Fraud Systems, Security.



Business company

International Telecom Carrier that provides telecom and technology solutions with competitive prices.



Extensive network infrastructure in constant expansion around the world.

Voice Quality

High Performance

Anti-Fraud, FAS detection and route monitoring with advanced artificial intelligence systems.


Monitoring and Reports

Traffic reports, business intelligence, effective routing, competitive pricing and optimum quality.

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The most complete portfolio of voice carrier solutions.

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